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Am I a vase?
I am a flower.

Design Week 22

In posing the question, am i a vase?

Evg.Works artist Evgeniya Plotnikova redefines the role and function of these vessels. Is a vase still a vase if does not contain flowers, but stands alone as a sculpture? Is it a vase if it becomes a foldable cover-up? Evgeniya uses these prompts to work in the space between art and craft, and art and function.

Marta Sandri expands the assertion I am a flower to include all botanicals. In her view, an artichoke contains as much beauty as an orchid does. The beauty of a flower comes from its unique way of expressing itself in the world, without judgment and with unconscious purity. Redefining the understanding of what makes a flower beautiful allows us to challenge our general standards of beauty.

In their debut collaboration at Isola Design week 2022, Evgeniya's creative vision of a vase as more-than-a-vessel meets Marta's appreciation of all blooming plants as no-less-than-a-flower to generate exciting and unexpected results.

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